Your Host

los angeles bed and breakfastDianne Bennett is the owner and operator of Cinema Suites Bed and Breakfast, located in Los Angeles just east of Beverly Hills and southwest of Hollywood. After years of assisting out of town friends and show business pals in finding comfortable and reasonably priced hotel accommodations, which are almost impossible to find in high priced Beverly Hills, she vowed to create a destination suitable for her industry friends… Voila!, the idea for Cinema Suites was born.

In addition to running Cinema Suites, Dianne is one of LA’s premiere matchmakers and has been fulfilling the dreams of clients nationwide since 1990. Her specialty is arranging matches between beautiful women and successful men. Dianne was the Music Columnist for the Hollywood Reporter for 15 years, and while in this position she got to know most of the luminaries and key players in the entertainment industry.

Dianne is always in the know and enjoys sharing her insights with Cinema Suites guests.